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The AIR Beanie

Size Guide

  • WARM & WATER-RESISTANT: Cruelty-free, RDS-certified, hypoallergenic, 700 fill power (loft), hydrophobic nano-coated goose down. Upgraded water-resistant 20 denier nylon shell
  • TINY & LIGHT: Weighs just 1 ounce (28 grams), and packs down to the size of a golf ball, making it perfect for everyday carry.
  • BREATHABLE: Down is the best natural insulation known to man. Improved moisture wicking sweatband.
  • SIZING: S/M is best for 21” to 23” head circumference; LG/XL fits 23.25” to 25.25” head circumference.
  • STUFF SACK: Included stuff sack for easy carry




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The AIR Down Beanie is the newly improved version of our original Tatsu Beanie. Thousands of people like you made that the MOST POPULAR beanie in Kickstarter history!

With the AIR, we strove to provide a more comfortable fit while introducing nano-coated, water-resistant down for even more weather resistance.

This is still the WARMEST and most VERSATILE beanie that you will ever wear - with even more features and abilities! Think of it as a lightweight, high quality down jacket for your head. We've incorporated a 20-denier nylon shell coupled in a Japanese-inspired baffle pattern with 700 fill power goose down to maximize warmth and minimize weight.


  • UPGRADED FILL: Nano-Coated Down for Water Resistance
  • ENHANCED SHELL: Windproof & Water-Resistant Nylon
  • STREAMLINED SHAPE: Sportier Form-Factor, Glove-Like Fit
  • IMPROVED COMFORT: Moisture Wicking, More Breathable




Our 700 fill power (loft) goose down is hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking, and provides outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio that is perfect for a beanie. The AIR Beanie's specially treated down features a permanently-bonded water-resistant coating. This nano coating enhances the natural hydrophobic nature of goose down to ensure additional protection against the elements.

Down's organic fibers are not actually made from feathers, but rather are the fluffy underlayer that is beneath them. Gram for gram, high quality goose down is the best natural insulator in the world, beating out all other materials used for apparel and accessories.

Down is also known to have unparalleled durability, outlasting any other insulation by at least 3X. Other insulators often undergo packing, washing, and other external forces that compromise their ability to bounce back and become less effective with prolonged use. This is why down is the most economical choice after initial investment.



Weighing in at a scant 1oz (29 grams), the AIR Beanie compresses to such a tiny package that it makes for the perfect everyday carry head wear so you have no excuse to leave it behind. It's the perfect companion for adventure travel, camping, hiking, the Van Life / Tiny Homes, or any other outdoor activity where ultra-portability matters.


We lose a massive percentage of body heat through our heads so it's essential that we keep it warm; however, most beanies perform poorly in windy conditions and leave our heads and ears cold. Contrast that to AIR's wind-proof but breathable, expedition-grade nylon shell. It's the same trusted material that's used in down sleeping bags.

Ultracompact - Packs to Size of Golf Ball


Many beanies are itchy and need to be put away inside a backpack or a purse when you're not wearing it. FURST's beanies compress and pack into a carrying pouch that's small enough to easily fit in a jean pocket.


We deeply care about the environment and the welfare of people and animals. That is why we only source cruelty-free down that is Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified to ensure our suppliers treat animals humanely.

Cruelty-Free RDS Certified Down

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How to Wash Your Down Beanie

When properly cared for, your FURST Down Beanie will last for decades. Regular washing will help your down beanie last longer and perform at its best.


  • Machine-wash your down beanie on a gentle cycle at 28 °C (or 82 °F). If it's available, select the ‘extra rinse’ option. Use a down-specific soap or detergent, like Nikwax Down Wash
  • Skip the spin cycle. It’s better for your beanie to drip dry and/or use a tumble dryer.


  • Soak your down beanie for up to 60 minutes in a sink. Again, go for a down-specific detergent like the Nikwax Down Wash
  • Rinse by lightly squeezing out excess water (don’t wring it!) and follow the drying steps below.


  • Once the wash is complete, carefully remove your beanie — it'll be heavier than you think — and lay flat to dry on a clothing rack. As you do this, gently fluff up the down.
  • It’ll take around 24–48 hours to drip dry depending on the weather conditions. As it dries, keep giving it the occasional fluff, particularly around any wet clumps of down.
  • When the beanie is almost dry, put it in the tumble drier on a low heat and check it regularly. To maximize the loft of your FURST Beanie, throw in two to three tennis balls, this will really help fluff up your down beanie

Things to Avoid:

Down is a tough performer against the cold, but when wet, needs a little extra attention from you. To ensure you don’t damage your beanie, here’s what you should avoid:

  • Fabric softener. Stick to a down-specific detergent for the best results.
  • Dishwashing detergent. It will strip the naturals fats and oils found in down that prevents it from clumping together and provides the incredible loft associated with down
  • A dry clean. The solvents they use in the dry cleaning process can damage your beanie.
  • A top loader with an agitator. It’s a rougher wash, and your versatile beanie deserves a gentle hand.
  • The spin cycle. Down is heavy when it’s wet, so err on the side of caution to avoid damage.
  • Wringing. Don’t wring your beanie, no matter how heavy it is. If you must, gently shake any excess water off while supporting its weight and squeeze out excess water

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Sizing Chart


Size Measurement
S/M Best for 21” to 23” head circumference
Best for 23” to 25” head circumference



Size Measurement
For hands 6.75” max from palm to longest finger
For hands 7.0” max from palm to longest finger
For hands 7.5” max from palm to longest finger
For hands 8.0” max from palm to longest finger